Zira Metrology is Canada’s premier dimensional inspection company. Our experts have over 30 years of experience in CMM, GD&T and Metrology and adhere to ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory Certifications. We specialize in high accuracy measurements for various industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Aircraft, Nuclear, Medical Manufacturing and many more. Zira Metrology is a leader in CMM inspection for Precision Machining, Checking Fixtures, Stamping Parts and Dies, Plastic Parts, Casting Parts, Mould Making, Tool and Die Making,and third party inspection.

Our laboratory uses state of the art equipment and software in a temperature controlled environment. We use one of the industry’s best high accuracy digital analog scanning head (SP600M), which allows us to provide your company with cost effective, fast and accurate service around the clock. Our clear and concise inspection reports are user friendly, using “Road Maps” to understand Dimensional CMM and 3D graphical reports.

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